How Mobile Optimization Is Increasing ROI This Holiday Season
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How Mobile Optimization Is Increasing ROI This Holiday Season

How Mobile Optimization Is Increasing ROI This Holiday Season

How Mobile Optimization Is Increasing ROI This Holiday Season 2015


Brands are expected to deliver what their audience is looking for almost immediately due to the smartphone era ushering in a “need-it-now” attitude amongst consumers.

Around the holiday season, this behaviour intensifies and 2015 will be no exception. In fact, 2015 may be the biggest year yet for mobile based marketing with Target devoting 61% of its digital buys into social and mobile (up 51% from 2014) and older brands, like Macy’s, shuffling to adapt to mobile.

Why has mobile become such a force during the holiday season? Consumers are constantly on the go and their smartphone is the most convenient connection to their favourite brands. Not only are consumers searching online for what they need, they expect to complete their buying action on the device, and those not offering mobile access may be passed over for brands that do.

Studies show that between Q4 2013 and 2014, there was a 36% in consumer smartphone shopping and a 43% increase in actual purchases via mobile. When you only look at Q4, 25% of consumers used their mobile device to shop for holiday gifts and 44.6% of all online traffic during the holiday season came from mobile. Those figures are changing completely this year.

According to Adobe’s Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions, for the first time mobile devices are slated to dominate desktop when it comes to Thanksgiving Day (U.S.) shopping by driving 51% of all online shopping visits and representing 29% of all transactions that day.


While there isn’t any tangible data to give us a snapshot of how mobile will impact the rest of the holiday season, Adobe has mapped out how mobile will impact the holidays. They predict 11% of e-commerce sales will occur on mobile while 9% will happen on tablets and iOS is set to drive 22% of online sales and Android will account for 7%.

So how can your brand optimize your mobile efforts in order to produce a record breaking ROI this holiday season?

Focus On Merging The Relationship Between Online and Offline

Normally, consumers are considered either as “showroom” (researching in stores and making a purchase online) or as “webroom” (researching products online and making an in store purchase). According to Deloitte’s 2015 Holiday Survey, 69% of consumer are classified as “webroom” and 53% are classified as “showroom”.

Experian Information Solutions notes, 83% of smartphone users browse for brands before, during, and after visiting a physical location. How can you catch them at the right time and make sure you can convert them into a sale?

  1. Consider location based mobile ads in order to gather and analyze reliable data that can help you geo-target your ads.
  2. If people are “showroomers”, they’re more than likely taking a look at the prices in your store and comparing them against what they can find online. In order to avoid this, make sure you highlight a clear incentive within the CTA on your mobile ads.
  3. Don’t neglect remarketing. If a user has visited your site just to browse or left items in a shopping cart, you have the chance to grab them again by targeting them with the right offer.
  4. Make sure your mobile efforts are consistent across all channels. This means whatever works for you on smartphones should work on tablets.

Give Your Customers An Experience

Ask any consumer what they’re looking for when it comes to the brands of their choice and many will share that they’re looking for an experience that will build upon on the loyalty already in place. Don’t forget to put the customer at the forefront of your mobile strategy. Whatever your audience is looking should be simple and easy-to-find.

How can your brand achieve this? Dig deep and start analyzing your data in order to recognize what your consumers really want and offer them the correct solution. By letting the data dictate your mobile efforts, you’re able to provide an enjoyable experience for your audience and  successfully convert them as a long-term customer.

Polish Your Creative

Nothing drives ROI better than video content and video has risen to new heights when it comes to connecting brands with their consumers. Mobile advertising has picked up speed within the last year and now is the time to quit experimenting and tackle it head on.

Make sure your creative explicitly delivers the message you’re trying to project to your audience. Testing your images to make sure that they are mobile friendly and using tags to increase SEO are vital if you’re looking to put a bulk of your digital efforts into video ads this season.

All these suggestions will increase your ROI this holiday season, but one of the key pieces of the mobile marketing puzzle is reaching your audience at the right place and at the right time. According to Yahoo, the peak time for Canadians using their mobile phones is between 7 PM and 10 PM and that bigger screens will result in longer time spent on your website

Now that you have the tools at your disposal, are you ready to come out of this holiday season with a bigger ROI than you anticipated?