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Triangles is a Digital Performance Company in Downtown Toronto
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Inspiring Positive Change Through Creative Deeds

Inspiring Positive Change Through Creative Deeds

Creative Deeds

By inspiring the world’s less privileged through creativity ArtBound empowers those living in these areas by bringing the power of the arts to their communities.

Since 2011, ArtBound; an arts based charitable organization, has built a school in Kenya and a community center in India – and now they have their sights on something bolder and bigger. On December 1, 2015 Artbound will officially launch CREATIVE DEEDS, a new way to inspire giving through arts based programs all over the world, and you have the chance to become a part of it.


CREATIVE DEEDS invites anyone to start a creative campaign, or ‘deed’, online as a fundraiser. The affiliate arts-focused charities are:

Donations for the CREATIVE DEED are raised and 100% of all funds go directly to the selected charity. ‘Deeds’ can range from works, events, challenges, or special occasions and can be classified as music, media, theatre, writing, design, fashion, and much more.

No ‘deed’ is too big or small and anybody can get involved – from the artists who want to inspire and motivate to the brands who seek authentic connections with real people doing creative things.
Why Art?

Art is what makes us human – representing us at our very best, sharpening our sense of compassion and imagination, expression our deepest passions and highest aspirations.

CREATIVE DEEDS is founded on the belief that the arts allow hope in the places that need it most, allowing the world to fulfill its potential.


When the arts are present in a communal setting, something magical happens and lives begin to change. For example, the arts have been proven to raise average wages and break the cycle of poverty as well as reduce neighbourhood crime and delinquency. They also have the power to strengthen community trust, promote social inclusion, and fight inequality.


The stage is set and the creative juices are flowing. Are you ready to bring something to the table?


To get involved with CREATIVE DEEDS, head on over to or email

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