Instagram API and What It Means For Brands
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Instagram API and What It Means For Brands

Instagram API and What It Means For Brands

Instagram API and What It Means For Brands

As a society, we’re becoming increasingly dependent on digital visual stimulation. Enter Instagram, one of the biggest visually based social networks in the world. No other social networking platform has exploded in the past five years quite like Instagram. Between March 2014 and September 2015, active users increased from 200 to 400 million.


In October of 2013, Instagram introduced advertising for a select number of brands and finally opened their API for businesses of all sizes in over thirty countries earlier this month. What does this mean for companies looking to connect with their audience on a visual level?

A Familiar Interface To Target Your Audience

For those who actively manage Facebook ads, it should come as a relief that Facebook’s PowerEditor can now be used to create, optimize, and analyze the success of your Instagram ads.

Triangles Instagram Ads PowerEditor Facebook


On top of a familiar functionality, Instagram ads follow many of the same principles as Facebook ads. For example, Instagram ads adopt many of Facebook’s targeting features like custom and lookalike audiences; which makes ads more relevant to the consumer.

A Fresh, Creative Approach To Your Strategy

Instagrammers are resistant to obvious advertisements on the platform. So, Instagram has strategically woven a natural visual style of ad into a user’s feed without looking like a typical banner call-out. CTA’s are subtly hidden as Learn More Button.

Just because Instagram has done its job when it comes to successfully positioning ads doesn’t mean your brand doesn’t have a job to do as well. The Instagram community is very careful about who they engage with. It’s your responsibility as a brand to keep that in mind when launching your ads.

Don’t recycle visuals from another campaign or litter your images with CTAs and other text. The ability to hide ads on Instagram is an option that your audience may act on if your ads miss the mark. Instead, bring a realistic element to your imagery like some of these brands.



Remember to have a clear objective as to what you’re trying to accomplish with your strategy. Are you trying to raise awareness of your brand? Promote your latest product launch? Build loyalty within your audience? Whatever your goal may be, make sure you stick to it and channel it into you visuals.

Don’t forget about the little details that could make your ad different from others that your audience may be exposed. Take into account how brands, like GMC and Jameson have used a 3D or panel approach to engage their audience.



After all, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words…or in this case, likes.