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Triangles is a Digital Performance Company in Downtown Toronto
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Marketing Smoke Tests Remove Fear of Failure

Marketing Smoke Tests Remove Fear of Failure

Marketing Smoke Tests Remove Fear of Failure

Marketers live in a world of risk.  Clients seek growth and ROI for their brands yet are often hesitant of big new ideas that are untested. Chris Kneeland of the Cult Collective says “We are scared of potentially bad consequences rather than being motivated, by experiencing or doing or trying something that could be potentially awesome,” and he’s often right. So how can a brand that wants to test out a potential game changing idea mitigate its risk? How can they know what message will hit home on a certain channel for a specific audience?


Kneeland asks the question; “Do I have the courage to redeploy media dollars and start making impressions instead of buying them?” because that’s what it’s going to take. It’s a scary thought for many yet for our clients, the comfortable middle ground means employing Smoke-Tests.


Smoke tests are small budget paid media tests across a large number of channels. Using consumer data from all available sources, a series of creative variants aimed at a set of identified consumer personas is launched.  These tests are conducted with daily optimization and monitored by a team set to identify the highest performing channels as quickly as possible.  Big ideas make big ripples in conversion rates, awareness and engagements and can be quickly scaled for ROI.  The risk of failure trends toward zero as only the highest performing channels are kept in play. Brands are able to test a number of big ideas simultaneously without breaking their budgets and the best channels reveal themselves, taking the guess work and fear away from identifying new great ideas.


Data-driven marketing using smoke-tests is both scalable across any new channel that a brand wishes to employ and also allows for cross-channel learnings; making future decisions on which big idea to roll out easier to sell through.  The data decides, it removes fear and consumers provide real-time feedback on what resonates with them most.


What a Brand Needs to Try Smoke Testing

Data-driven consumer collection streams. CRM’s, Google Analytics, E-Commerce Data

Team hours to monitor the effects of campaign variants in a close to real time as possible

Scalable, non-committed budget that can be shifted into the highest performing channels quickly

Removal of channel bias, judging channel effectiveness on set conversion metrics instead of pre-committed deals or on vanity channels.