The Power & Impact Of Digital Influencer Content
Triangles is a Digital Performance Company in Downtown Toronto
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The Power & Impact Of Digital Influencer Content

The Power & Impact Of Digital Influencer Content

The Power and Impact of Digital Influencer Content - Triangles at Empower by Dx3

Last week, we revealed that evaluating digital influencer ROI is possible. That said, there isn’t one ‘fool-proof’ formula that allows you to do this. Asking the right questions when analyzing your own metrics can help provide a crystal-clear lens on what path best ties content to source to audience and ultimately to conversion.


This past weekend, Triangles was invited to moderate at EMPOWER, an event held by Dx3 that connects Canadian brands with lifestyle influencers who are shaping the industry. EMPOWER provides a platform for key social influencers to discuss content and how and the various ways brands can use it to reach their audiences.

Throughout the day, several speakers dove into the experience they’ve had as notable influencers in Canada and how brands can utilize them as a featured tactic in their digital strategy.

WendysLookbook - Dx3 Empower

Popular fashion blogger, Wendy Nguyen, started Wendy’s Lookback back in 2011 and has amassed nearly two million followers, as well as worked alongside some of Canada’s highly respected fashion brands. During her opening keynote, Wendy shared three pillars for content success: authenticity, creativity, and philanthropy. Much of Wendy’s keynote was directed towards influencers, but always reinforcing that it’s key for brands to invest into nurturing these relationships. Influencers should be able to have the freedom to establish their credibility, voice, and the direction of the partnership.

Rachel Cooper, RachhLoves on YouTube, echoed the same sentiments. She cautioned brands to recognize that they are partnering with the influencers connection to their audience, not the right to simply broadcast whatever they want to their audience.

RachhLoves - Dx3 Empower

Something that really resonated with us was the way Rachel provided a framework for creating lasting, relevant content. What Rachel encouraged was to look at influencer-based content from more than one lens: the consumer lens, marketer lens, and the brand lens. At Triangles, lens is a word we use a lot when it comes time to analyze campaign data points. Rachel not only nails it with her framework, but she’s absolutely correct in her statement. In order to use influencer content correctly, you must be able to look at content through each one of those lenses in order to measure the true value from these relationships.

Stay tuned next week as we explore the science behind influencer related content and how it affects consumers.