Triangles Bands Together To #GiveTwitterASlogan
Triangles is a Digital Performance Company in Downtown Toronto
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Triangles Bands Together To #GiveTwitterASlogan

Triangles Bands Together To #GiveTwitterASlogan

Triangles Bands Together To #GiveTwitterASlogan

Twitter has been in our lives for nearly ten years now. You would think that one of the biggest social networking platforms in the world would have some sort of slogan, right? Wrong.


Throughout this past week, #GiveTwitterASlogan became one of the top trending hashtags, with social media advocates jumping at the chance to brand Twitter with what they thought best represented the micro-blogging platform.

Some were sentimental.

Others were downright hilarious.

Over the past few days, dozens of media outlets, blogs, and publications released list after list of their favourite “Twitter slogans”. We’re joining in on the fun and asking each member of our team to come up with their own. Some in jest, others to purely sum up Twitter in one, brief catchphrase.

Klark Revelle, Creative: The new gossip


Emily Johnson, Social Media Analyst: The only social platform to escape selfie domination.


Richard Baxter, Social Media Analyst: The place where social media addiction begins 


Anton Odobetskiy, Business Development: Ahh, Twitter. A monument to brevity and shortness or preciseness of expression. It’s not always easy to narrow your ideas down, and sometimes it’s actually quite a struggle, but here at Twitter, you can be nice and brief and always fit your words down nice and tightly, if you like.


Paulina Li, Digital Strategy: Tweet tweet, @$#&!


Ford Shirriff, VP Business Development: Where content meets confusion.


Justin Steepe, VP Strategy: Flip Long Form the bird.

Are you ready to join in and #GiveTwitterASlogan?

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