What are Loops? - Triangles
Triangles is a Digital Performance Company in Downtown Toronto
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What are Loops?

Data is our Currency

As we touched upon, describing CUP (Collect, Use, Pass), Triangles specializes in building data-driven loops
for brands to maximize ROI. Examples of loops we build.


A well-measured marketing initiative 

We use the term Single loop to describe a standalone digital platform, activation or campaign which is well measured.


The collection of data is paramount for a real-time view of important metrics like impressions, visitors, time on site, sales, revenue and secondary goals such as newsletter signups. In a strong loop this collected data is used to drive more sales,users and sign-ups via strategy and optimization.


From there data is ideally passed along, refining the next wave of traffic to scale; intelligent iteration to steer the initiative towards the best path for high ROI.


How we drove high performance Single Loop for Sound of Stratford 


Connecting your marketing intiatives

In a multi-loop, we collect, use and pass data across marketing initiatives to drive ROI. 
We strategically build connections between selected marketing channels to allow for a rich, personalized customer experience; shared learning and iteration from collected data creating efficient multipliers for your brand’s ROI.
For example, visitors to a certain ecommerce product page can be targeted with an email offer or see a social media remarketing ad with that specific product featured.  Tailored to browsing or purchase behaviour, this data can be used to boost strong cross-channel conversion.
How we drove high performance Multi Loop for Vanilla Prepaid Cards 


Complete connection of all marketing efforts

Full program loops are the pinnacle of data-driven marketing. 
Combining connections efficiently from ALL marketing channels, these full-sight programs collect, use, and pass data fluidly to drive strong ROI.
When content, ambassador, paid media, social, offline and organic ROI are all mapped on a single analytics backbone, decisions become easier to make.  Teams work with more clarity and brand lift is easier to achieve when assets are aligned, hiearchies flattened and silos removed from marketing programs. 
Triangles is able to weave the data together to help make informed profit decisions for brands.
How we drove high performance Full Loop for Cavalia