What the F@#$ is Digital Strategy?
Digital strategy needs to solve business problems.
Analytics, Content Creation, Creative, Digital Strategy, Ecommerce, Social Media
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Digital strategy needs to solve business problems.

As a brand or business, digital strategy is the complicated connection between everything you do, say, and stand for in real life, only broadcast to billions of people in a place where they have total control over how they hear what you have to say – while billions of other things roar and wheel for their attention. If you get it right, it’s the part of your business that lets you see through fog and around corners to find opportunities and challenges that no one else can, plan for the future and respond to it in real time, and measure the direct impact of every decision to the dollar. If you get it wrong, it’s a noisy and colourful place to lose money.


It’s where bad ideas can take over the whole world for a few minutes while great ideas can vanish without a trace. It’s where giant brands pour billions of dollars every day, and where tiny startups can blow giant brands out of the water.


Where to start?


So, what needs to be torn down to take advantage of results-based, data driven programs? Which constraints need to be rewired, silos removed, hierarchies flattened?


At 8am on January 14th, 2015, our President Reagan Zuzarte and Head of Digital Strategy Justin Steepe will be at Soho House Toronto  helping to demystify what in the name of %^&! digital strategy actually is. Years of knowledge and insight as well as battle-tested formulas and resources will be shared to help broaden your understanding on how to disrupt prevailing wisdom when it comes to your digital strategy.


Some topics we will cover:


  • Social media “correctly” — how to measure the social circuit and promote advocacy with iteration
  • Social results – Graduating from data collection, beyond sentiment analysis to influencing perception.
  • Content efficiency – quick creation, adaptation, monitoring and optimization of content taking into account context, goals and campaigns.
  • Content context – regional and social ability to understand content sites, seeding to be able to localize and personalize content
  • Omnichannel – how digital outreach can multiply or mirror seamless engagement offline, in-store, and on-site.
  • Traffic and conversion – how the ideal media plan is shaped. Customer and consumer connections that can be theorized and iterated upon.